Monday, January 13, 2014

Irish Class Notes for 13th Jan

Nuacht- News & Announcements

Cén chaoi a laethanta saora? How was your holiday? (Lit. free days) 

This was our first class for quite some time, due to the holiday break and the Polar Vortex (Fun homework- translate THAT into Irish!) Before the holidays Wes had a review session for Buntus Cainte at Cahoots Coffee Bar in St Paul on Snelling & Selby. They managed to get from chapters 1 thru 10. Since we will not be having class at Central next week in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Wes will continue the review with chapters 11-20. So come catch a cuppa and catch up! That will be going on 7-9pm Monday our usual time. out nicely because I have a tour about Irish-American history beginning at the St Paul Cathedral at 4 and ending singing songs at O'Gara's which is on the same block as Cahoots at 7pm. So I'll be done just in time, as will you if you care to join me. The tour is free and offered by an organization called Erik's Ranch & Retreats. Just go to the website to sign up!

More news: Jan 26th will be our fundraiser- chip in $5 (or more!) at the Dubliner Pub in St Paul (time?) There will be music, dancing, a potluck (please bring items that don't need to be kept warm, as there's only so many outlets) and "white elephant" Irish-themed door prizes. Bring anything tacky and green your relatives gave you and pass along the fun!

Onto the lesson- today we asked/answered questions about objects to describe them and when to use the two "to be" verbs- ta and is.

*Ceard é sin? What is that thing?

Is clar é seo. This is a (chalk) board

Cén sort bord? Is clar dúbh. It's a black board.

You can also ask "Cén cinéal? What kind?  or  "Cén saghas?" What type? 

Is bad beag é, an ea? It's a small boat, isn't it? 
Ní hea. (Short answer) Ní bad beag é. Is bad mór. It's not a small boat. It's a big boat.
'S ea bad beag. 
Now if you're answering a question starting with "An bhfuil..." you answer with Níl, short for ní bhfuil.
 *Ceard is short for Cé hé an rud? What is the thing?

And in case you're wondering the h is added in to separate the vowel sounds. Because that makes Irish so much clearer.

Now I am going to go review the difference between the To Be verbs again, and I'll try to see if I can make more sense of it.

Pronunciation key:
bad- bawd
beag- byug 
bhfuil- will
ceard- care-d 
cinéal- keen-ill   
eaglais- ag-lish (church)
muisiriún- mish-roon (mushroom)
s before e/i is pronounced "sh"
saghas- sai s 

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