Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gettin' your Irish up!

Among my many hobbies is study languages- I speak Spanish and since finishing college I've been trying to practice by attending conversation groups. I have also been studying Irish- I am fortunate to have Gaeltacht Minnesota, a local group that teaches it. The problem we've been having though, is that the website is like a blog, the earlier stuff disappears to the bottom. This is not to criticize, but rather than trying to get other people to change this, I decided to start putting things up myself.

I tried putting together a simple site on Weebly, but I already have enough blogs/social networks etc. and I can post pages here, or make a Google site.
I will post each item on the blog, then link to it on its own page.
Starting out it will mostly be vocab lists. Some of them are from classes, others I have put together myself.

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